Lord Nrsimha on the Borderline

This is a special webpage I wrote to honor Lord Nrsimha for His birthday which was May 4th, 2023 and updated on May 22nd, 2024. Originally a newsletter with an article about Lord Nrsimaha was written back in May 2000 and is available from our main website: KSI May 2000 Newsletter. The pasttimes of Lord Nrsimhadeva and how he protected Prahlada Maharaja and killed Hiranyakasipu are explained in detail in the 7th Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam.

Math and phiilosophy behind Lord Nrsimha's killing of Hiranyakasipu

Scriptures are deductive knowledge as explained in our KSI 2022 Newsletter so everything stated in the scriptures is necessarily true for everyone everywhere. Being God's words, they are the Absolute Truth. The entire universe follows His laws inexorably just like a movie flows exactly under the supervision of the director. However, better than a director, The Supreme Director of the universe is unlimited and infinite and His knowledge, strength, beauty, etc. and His words or script is REALITY (not a movie reserved for some cult or sect). Therefore it follows that the field of mathematics and philosophy is also in-line with His words. Let's look at how the field of mathematics and philosophy are affected by what Lord Nrsimha did in killing Hiranyakasipu while maintaining Lord Brahma's boons given to Hiranyakasipu. So although one can read the pastimes of Lord Nrsimha like a devotional story, one can also analyze it mathematically and logically and see that it is philosophically consistent, coherent, rational and not violating any mathematical facts. Some people find it paradoxical or even self-contradictory that these events could take place because of all the seemingly "opposites" being combined in the boons given to Hiranyakasipu. Even Hiranyakasipu thought it was impossible for him to be killed and he was not some ordinary man. Hiranyakasipu did austerities for many years and controlled his body and mind to get the benefit of meeting Lord Brahma (creator of this universe). So lets first look at the main boons given to Hiranyakasipu; Hiranyakasipu asked Lord Brahma that he not meet death in any of the following conditions:

Each boon can be considered like an equation in a set of equations to be solved simultaneously. For example, I have only a 3 quart and 5 quart container and a customer comes to buy milk in any number of quarts then I have to work with those constraints to give the amount he wants:

If customer wants one quart, I use the 3 quart container twice to fill up the 5 quart container as much as possible and I am left with 1 quart in the 3 quart container.

If customer wants two quarts, I use the 5 quart container and fill up the 3 quart container with the 5 quart container and I am left with 2 quarts.

So there's atleast one solution for every possible value of quarts that the customer wants. There can be more than one solution but we just want to show mathematically that there's at least one solution to fulfill the boons of Hiranyakasipu.
For example, x*x*x-2*x*x-49*x+98 = 0 has 3 solutions and is easy to solve but x*x*x-x*x-x-1 seems like it has no solutions but it also has 3 solutions; the latter equation's solutions are not in the integer domain unlike the former equation. The latter equation apparently having no solution is similar to Hiranyakasipu's thinking that there is no solution; i.e., that there is no way of killing him.

Let's see how many solutions we can find of killing Hiranyakasipu given his boons. The first boon (a) is easily understood as Lord Nrsimha is not created nor from this material world; He is eternally existing like all avatars who descend to the material world for their pastimes but are not subject to the laws of the material world. Lord Brahma himself is subject to death but the avatars are not subject to birth, death, old age, and disease nor are they affected by time. Nothing paradoxical nor self-contradictory here. Another easy one is to not be killed by any weapon (e) which is entirely possible since there are other ways to be killed besides by weapons. The other boons require understanding what I call "Borderline" math and philosophy. Here Lord Nrsimha has introduced us to this new type of math and the philosophical basis behind it is what we call the "essence" of something. If a man is still a man if you replace his arms with metal ones or cut them off, then the essence of being a man is not the arms. Similarly if you replace the hair of a man with hair of a lion or remove his hair completely, is he still a man? Yes, so the hair by itself has nothing to do with the essense of what is a man's body. And so on. We can present this mathematically with the example of integerizing a real number-- if you want to integerize any number say x between 1..2 then if x=1.2 it becomes 1; if x=1.8 then it becomes 2. This is one way of rounding off numbers; this function is Round(x,0) if you are familiar with Excel spreadsheet. There is also int(x) or Floor(x,1) which will round down so 1.8 would get rounded to 1 and so will 1.2 as well. There is also rounding up using Ceiling(x,1) in Excel (or Roof() in some other math software) which will round up so 1.2 and 1.8 will become 2. However, regardless of the rouding method we use, there exists a borderline where the number can NOT be rounded off in either direction. I have written up mathamatical proof of how the borderline exists for real and cannot be rounded off. I will take picture of my notes showing the proof and post it soon...as once again like my newsletters we are using text-based editors only and they will not allow mathematical symbols; the notes will be posted as multiple pages corresponding to multiple pages of the notes and an auxiliary initial page shown below:

For item (g), Lord Nrsimha like all visnu-tattva (avatars) are neither demigods, nor demons, but they are beyond those created by Lord Brahma. However, Hiranyakasipu thought Lord Visnu and His avatars were killable and subject to the laws of the material world (creation/destruction). Hiranyakasipu's brother Hiranyaksa tried to kill Lord Visnu who appeared in the form of boar incarnation (Lord Varaha). Hiranyaksa fought with Lord Varaha in a battle in the water. However, Lord Visnu and His avatars do not lose to anyone so Lord Varaha easily won that battle. Hiranyakasipu tried to prevent the similar fate that his brother met so he made sure to ask for the boons that he would not be killed by Lord Visnu in his man or animal form nor by His invincible Sudarsana cakra weapon nor on the land, water, or sky. So item (g) is true since as mentioned for item (a), Lord Nrsimha is not created nor from this material world. He was an original unique entity as far as Hiranyakasipu and his boons were concerned since it was beyond the imagination of Hiranyakasipu; everything in the spiritual world (Vaikuntha) is eternal (sac-cid-ananda) and not subject to birth, death, old age, and disease. People in the material world are conditioned to think in terms of the time factor so when an avatar appears, they think He took birth at a certain time so we find some people claiming Lord Krishna is the 8th avatar of Lord Visnu because He appeared after Lord Vararha, Lord Nrsimha, etc. Even worse, there are people who claim they can "become" God at a certain time or after they are free from "illusion". This again is absurd since God is eternally God and not subject to time nor illusion which are His creation just like the example we gave above of a director not being affected by the rules of the movie. One of the references for Lord Krishna being controller of time element and not being controlled or influenced by it is SB(10.9.14). There is math proof behind this as well to prove that Lord Nrsimha (along with anyone else descending from outside the material world) are eternal and not subject to birth nor death so more on this later after I post the math notes. Somemone may view item (a) and (g) as opposites-- that is, Hiranyakasipu cannot be killed by anyone created by Lord Brahma nor those NOT created by Lord Brahma. Although Hiranyakasipu was thinking in terms of creating/destroying since he intended to destroy Visnu, one has to look at all possible outcomes since scripture is the absolute truth and not up for interpretation. Lord Krishna expands Himself into various avatars but this is done in the timeless domain so all His expansions are neither created nor NOT created. Concept of creation and death do NOT exist nor apply to anyone outside the material world. So taking item (g) to mean anyone beyond Lord Brahma's creation would make (g) fall under similar borderline condition as items (b), (c), (f), and (h). Lord Nrsimha was neither created nor NOT created. For item (d), Lord Nrsimha killed Hiranyakasipu on His lap which is neither on the land nor in the sky nor on water. There's another solution here as well. There are five gross elements of the material world-- earth, water, fire, air, and ether. So it's possible that Hiranyakasipu could have been killed by fire on a bed of air above the ground and not in the sky. I had delayed this article until next appearance day of Lord Nrsimha so people can have a chance to think about this solution or other solutions. Lord Nrsimha is spiritual so his lap is not made of gross elements of earth, water, fire, air, or ether. But theoretically speaking, if gross material elements were involved to kill Hiranyakasipu then the gross elements could be balanced in such a way that they cannot be discerned to be earth, water, nor ether (sky); i.e., they would be on the borderline between elements or be "fire" or "air". So it's possible to kill him with some arrangement of "fire" and "air" just like there's a layer of the universe that is "fire" and another layer that is "air"; of course, all other boons mentioned would still have to be kept like killing him neither inside nor outside, not using a "fire" weapon but something that generates or emanates from someone like nails. It's known from history that yogis can generate fire from their bodies and Hiranyakasipu himself generated heat and scorched many planets from his tapasya (austerity):

"Scorched and extremely disturbed because of Hiranyakasipu's severe penances, all the demigods left the planets where they reside and went to the planet of Lord Brahma, where they informed the creator as follows: O lord of the demigods, O master of the universe, because of the FIRE emanating from Hiranyakasipu's head as a result of his severe austerities, we have become so disturbed that we could not stay in our planets but have come to you." (SB 7.3.6)

Obviously, fire has much higher temperature than the 98.6 Fahrenheit that is supposed to be temperature of "normal" humans according to modern medicine. I have seen people walk on burning coal barefoot so that's evidence that modern medicine has not fully understood how the body works and its capabilities. There are algorithms or methods by which the body can be trained to handle and generate very high temperatures way beyond 98.6 Fahrenheit. It seems the more I write, the more combinations I find to think about...this may be a never-ending story as Lord Nrsimha is inexhaustible like infinity and His pastimes, His creation, His interaction with it, etc. have many many combinations... I do have to mention something about how nails are neither dead nor alive before wrapping up this update. According to scriptures, one of the symptoms of life is consciousness; I am aware of my hands, legs, etc. However, my nails I am partially aware. I once broke my toe nail and didn't even know until I got home. However, if someone gets a deep break on your nails, you bleed and feel the pain. So part of the nail you can feel and part of it is dead. The nails grow also when they are attached to the body but do not grow when they are removed from the body. So if you kill someone with nails that were removed from the body, that would be killing someone with a dead object. So Hiranyakasipu had to be killed with nails still attached to a living body since when attached to the body they are neither dead nor alive.

You can also think of or sing Madonna's song "borderline" as another example of the existence of in-between states. A person is undecided until he goes over the borderline. If the Madonna "material girl" followers can think of Lord Nrsimhadeva when singing the "borderline" song they can gradually raise their consciousness to becoming "spiritual girl"s living in the material world just like some people chant God's glories to purify themselves or remember His pastimes via composing poetry (ref. SB 10.9.2). If you can't think of how Lord Nrsimhadeva was on the borderline when singing the "borderline" song then you can always chant the prayer:

This is purifying even if your mind is wandering and cannot focus on Lord Nrsimha. Original song is in Bengali which is one of the languages derived from Sanskrit. Even in Sanskrit alphabet, which is considered to have 13 vowels and 35 consonents, has some consonents which are actually "semivowels" or "semiconsonants". They are written grouped with consonents but characters like "ya" are on the borderline between consonants and vowels.

Another example of being on the borderline is nirvana which is the ultimate goal for the Buddists. Nirvana is state of desirelessness where you neither have desire for material things nor for the spiritual things (God, bhakti, and things that can be dovetailed for bhakti). This is a borderline state that is hard to maintain and ultimately people who have attained it end up going over the borderline. In bhakti-yoga, one has neither attachment nor aversion but dovetailing of everything for the service of Lord Krishna.

For Lord Krishna and His avatars, there's no restrictions of time and space. You cannot apply restrictions that apply to material bodies to God. If there's a road like route 80 that only goes East and West and someone is traveling (moving) on that route that does not mean there's only 1 bit of information (2 combinations) needed to present the state of the moving objects say "0" means you are traveling East and "1" means you are traveling West. There are actually 2 bits of information needed or 4 combinations-- "01" means you are going East, "10" means you are going West, "11" means you are going in both directions, and "00" means you are going in neither direction. Lord Krishna can move the earth (as He is already doing) with route 80 on it so that's your "00". You can think you are not moving relative to route 80 yet entire route 80 with you on it is moving. Hanuman carried the entire mountain of various herbs rather than figure out the herb he needed to heal Laxman. Even Hiranyaksa (a demon) moved the earth out of orbit. The combination of "11" is possible as shown by Lord Krishna in His rasa dance-- where He expanded Himself into 16108 Lord Krishnas which were all exact Lord Krishnas. Here we just need 2 Krishnas-- one that travels East and one that travels West simultaneously! Someone may think that's only for God so no need to consider it as a possiblity for the normal humans, but it's conceivable that a human or even a beast can obtain or have a boon to replicate himself into two or more instantly. Also, if modern technology was advanced enough, a machine could be built that replicates itself into two or more. Speaking of machines, the basis of all computers, smart phones, tablets, etc. is the transistor which inherently contains a borderline state existing between conduction and insulation. The semiconductor material like silicon used in the transistor is the basis of all the microprocessors and the only reason processors are not as fast as they can be is because switching between conductor state and insulator state requires the transistor go through a borderline state where it's neither a conductor nor an insulator as there's some leakage current flowing but not enough to be considered a conductor nor can it be considered an insulator especially when the current flow increases and approaches the borderline of current flow between turning the transistor on and it being off. To avoid the borderline state, electronics industry purposely creates a borderline to avoid a range of values where the transistor is considered "undecided" (neither on nor off) thus proving Lord Nrsimha isn't violating any laws of electronics by being on the borderline. So if Hiranyakasipu had asked for another boon that he would be killed by neither a conductor nor an insulator, then the solution would be Lord Nrsimhadeva killing him with his nails made of a semiconductor in neither conducting nor insulator state!

Whenever Lord Krishna (or His avatars) does something in the pastimes, there's always something wonderful, new and unique as stated in the Bhagavad-Gita As It Is: "Behold the many wonderful things which no one has ever seen or heard of before." BG(11.6). So maintaining or even introducing a borderline between two opposites is no big deal for the Supreme Lord as He is the origin of everything (inventor of everything).

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--------------------Proof of Reincarnation/"Lucky 7"--------------------------------------------------

C. P. Taylor submitted brief summary of his story where subject claims he recalls an 1897 penny from his previous life where it reminds him of things in his previous life. He has not submitted his full story to me so I can verify it and publish it on my website. After waiting for this story for about a month, I expanded my article on "Lucky 7" and evidence for the number "7" being lucky and changed title of this article to "Lucky 7".

There are things like constellations and numbers and places that can remind us of events like a "deja vu" effect and/or bring auspiciousness or "luck". There is "7" in there in the 1897 penny in different ways which is "lucky" for some:

1897 = 7*271 so we have the "lucky 7" 3X times-- two in the prime factors and one in the number itself. It's of prime importance to know for this article that prime factors are the building blocks of natural numbers greater than one (1) like Hydrogen and Oxygen are the building blocks of water molecules. The sum of the digits of 1897 = 25 which when summed again gives us 7 and the individual digits of the factors of 1897 sum to 7+2+7+1 = 17. Next best thing to lucky 7 is a 17 as 17 is the 7th prime.

Also, 41*1897 = 77,777 and that is rare as there are only 7 unique prime factors to generate repeating 7s going up to 77,777:

77 = 7*11

777 = 3*7*37

7,777 = 7*11*101

77,777 = 7*41*271 or 1897*41

777,777 = 3*7*37*7*11*13

7,777,777 = 7*239*4649

77,777,777 = 7*11*101*73*137

777,777,777 = 3*7*37*3*333667

The 7 unique prime factors for consecutive 7s going up to 77,777 are 3,7,11,37,41,101, and 271. Even the 41 we used here to get 77,777 can be written using simple symmetric sum of sandwiching 7s with 17s: 17+7+17 = 41 or using consecutive base 7 powers: 7^2-7^1-7^0 = 41.

Of course, there's some reasoning behind "luck". There's no such thing as chance, but there IS such a thing as luck based on math/philosophy.

We see that even the reciprocal of 7 has multiples of 7: 1/7 = Sum[(7*2^(x+1))/(10^(2*x+2))] where x goes from 0 to infinity. We have an infinite number of terms which are multiples of 7 that sum to 1/7. More on how multiples of 7 and 1/7 play a role in days of the week later on in this article. The proof that this sum is 1/7 when x goes from zero to infinity is shown below:

This article was written on the same page that I was writing paper on Lord Nrsimha above which is in the 7th Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam which was spoken by Sukadeva Goswami in 7 days to Pariksit Maharaja!

Equation I used above has absolute lucky 7s as 2 of 3 solutions: x*x*x-2*x*x-49x+98 = 0

You can try substituting values or you can factor the equation like:

x*x*(x-2)-49(x-2) = 0

(x-2)*(x*x-49) = 0

(x-2)*(x-7)*(x+7) = 0


So +7 or -7 or absolute(x)=7 are two solutions for x to the equation above.

This HTML file was 12,777 bytes on 5/25/2023 on my first posting of this article (sum of digits is 24=17+7). One of the latest revised versions of this HTML file had 47777 bytes. This number 47777 is a rare 5-digit prime number that has quadruple 7s. Some people explain away such events with words like "coincidences" or "chance" but that's due to lack of information of the actions/reactions that lead to the event; for example, the sum of any 3 conseuctive powers of 2 like 4+8+16 is always divisible by 7 and the quotient is always the smallest of the three powers of 2. This is provable mathematically and deductively not something that "happens" to occur or probable.

The numbers 16, 64, 108 and 1008 are considered some of the sacred numbers in many religions. 1008 factors to 16*9*7 where 16-9=7 (difference between two consecutive perfect squares gives the third factor and 16 which is another sacred number is a factor of 1008 and also sums to 7). 1008 can also be factored as 72*2*7 where 72-2=70 which is 5*2*7 and again first two factors sum to 7 which is also the third factor. Breaking down the factors down to its prime factors: 2*2*2*2*3*3*7 = 1008 and we can see that sum of these factors is 21 which is a multiple of 7. You can also break it down as 4*3*4*3*7 and sum of the factors remains a multiple of 7. Also, note that in many sacred numbers, the first digit is 1 and the last is 8 and obviously 1+7=8 in numbers like 108, 1008, 10008, etc. The sacred number 108 can also be written with unique factors summing to 7 like (4^2)*(3^4)/(4*3) = 4*3^3 where the bases sum to 7 (more on this later). As 7s seem related to our "luck"/auspiciousness, then the more cocentration/clustering of 7s we have in our daily life, the better. So we can analyze numbers that maximize numbers of 7 and we can derive our "luck" equations from these numbers. For example, 70/9 involves infinite number of "7"s in the quotient and is equal to the infinite sum of 7+7/10+7/100+7/1000+... Another way to write this is Sum(7/(10^x)) where x goes from 0 to infinity. There are fractions that have infinite number of 7s when put into decimal form like 7/9, 3/11, 8/11, etc. Any fraction like 1/7, 2/7, 3/7, 4/7, 5/7, etc. will produce infinite multiples of 7 after the decimal point. We can write a recursive equation L(n) for lucky numbers that builds up integer multiples of 7 as well as has infinite multiples of 7 after the decimal point. One such equation is L(n+1) = 7*L(n)+5/7 where we start off with initial condition L(0)=1 and by recursion we can get other "lucky" numbers. L(1)=7+5/7 or 7.7142857142857... Right off the bat from this equation, we see that 108 is 7*2*L(1) or 2*int(L(2)) since L(1)=7+5/7, L(2)=54+5/7, L(3)=383+5/7, L(4)=2686+5/7, L(5)=18807+5/7, L(6)=131654+5/7, L(7)=921583+5/7, etc. Similar to forming 1/7 with infinite terms containing multiples of 7, we see that 5/7 = Sum[(7*2^x)/(10^(2*x+1))] where x goes from 0 to infinity. The first term of our equation 7*L(n) will always be an integer. Sometimes, the sacred numbers are concatenation of two sacred numbers like 16 and 108 combined gives 16108. The recursive sum of the digits is 7; i.e., sum of 1+6+1+0+8 = 16 (still a sacred number) and then 1+6 = 7. Lord Krishna expanded Himself into 16108 instances of Himself and lived with 16108 queens in 16108 palaces in Dvaraka; you can read about this in the Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.11.31 (here reference also sums to 7). In general, any number of concatenation of 108, 1008, 10008, etc. with a 16 in any order as suffixes and/or prefixes of 16 has its recursive sum of digits equal to 7! For example, 108,161,008 and 10,008,100,816,108 have individual digits that recursively sum to 7. One math proof of this is that sum of digits of any number divisible by 9 is 9*n where n is an integer and adding any number of 1+8 is adding 9 to 1+6 which gives us 16 again and the 9 has been absorbed into the sum. You can recursively do this for any number of 9s.

We find in Srimad-Bhagavatam the detailed description of the structure of the universe; there are the seven planets of the seven sages located between Saturn and Dhruvaloka (pole star) when looking at our universe vertically going from the earth upwards towards the heavenly planets. Also, as summarized in the Srimad-Bhagavatam Fifth Canto and 22nd chapter (5.22.x), there are seven main heavenly planets/bodies between the earth and the seven planets of the sages going by planar distances: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Speaking of heavenly planets, astrology and astronomy can be used to determine someone's "luck" or karma a priori and both of these sciences are based on exact numbers and alignments of planets, location and configuration of various constellations, etc. Our days of the week total 7 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) and are based on the seven main heavenly planets-- Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. A solar fortnight is 2*7 or 14 days and a lunar fortnight is 14.77 solar days (rounded off to the nearest hundredths). The fasting many people observe on certain days is usually based on lunar days and fortnights where two fortnights, one for waning moon and one for waxing moon, constitutes one lunar month. For example, fasting on ekadasi (11th day of the waning moon or waxing moon) occurs once every 14.77 days but since the day is measured by sun rise to sun set, it is a requirement to convert the lunar day to the nearest solar day by rounding off. If we analyze the ekadasi days for 2023 in New York, the first ekadasi is January 2, 2023 and last one is December 22, 2023. So 24 complete lunar fortnights occur from January 2nd to December 21 and that's a total of 354 days. However, 24 solar fortnights is 336 days. Now if we take the ratio 354/336 we get 14.75/14 or 0.75 extra solar days every fortnight. That's taking into account round-off to nearest solar day for the year 2023 since it's 0.77 extra solar days per fortnight before round-off. If we convert the 0.75 extra solar day to minutes we get 0.75*60*24 = 1080 minutes. Note 1080 is sacred number 108 times by 10. Even if we use the 14.77 solar days per fortnight, 0.77*60*24 = 1108.8 minutes and that's 1008 + 1008/10 or 108 sandwiched within 10,008/10 so two sacred numbers added together. If we convert the 1080 extra minutes per fortnight to extra minutes per day, we get: 1080/14 = 77 & 1/7! We get the same answer if we take minutes in one day of 1440 multiplied by original ratio of 354/336 and calculate the extra (delta) minutes in one lunar day from a solar day: 1440*(354/336)-1440 = 77 & 1/7. For any year (not just 2023), the number of lunar months that can be squeezed into one solar year is 12 since 12*14.77*2 = 354.48 days and once again since we have to deal with integer solar days, this rounds down to 354 days and since the solar year can have 365 or 366 days, we end up with a difference of up to 12 days between a solar year and a lunar year. If we take the 14.77 lunar days for a fortnight then for one month we get 14.77*2 = 29.54 days so a lunar month is rounded to 30 days and makes a nice and evenly divisible 12 months in 360 days per year; however, the round-off amount of the lunar month to 30 days accrued over the years is taken into account as stated in SB (5.22.7):

"...there is a difference of twelve days between the solar and lunar years...two extra months are added within each five years." The five years of up to 12 days delta gives us 2 extra lunar months that can be squeezed into the fifth year. This SB reference 5.22.7 has a recursive sum of 7: 5+22+7 = 34 = 7 or 5+2+2+7 = 16 = 7. Also, the number of minutes in one week is 60*24*7 = 10080 which is 10 times the sacred number 1008 which, as explained above, is internally built-up with "7"s.

There are seven (7) singing meters-- sa, ri(re), ga, ma, pa, da, ni from which all musical compositions can be created as stated in SB(1.6.32): "The seven singing meters, namely, sa (sadja), ri (rsabha), ga (gandhara), ma (madhyama), pa (pancama), dha (dhaivata), and ni (nisada), are also transcendental and specifically meant for transcendental songs." In some parts of this planet, other names are used to describe these 7 notes like do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti or A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

There are seven (7) colors in a rainbow-- red, orange, green, yellow, blue, etc. They can be mixed to arrive at other color combinations just like in music certain in-between notes can be derived from full notes. The three primary colors used in TVs and computer screens (LCD) namely red, green, and blue (RGB) are insufficient to reproduce all the colors possible in nature so your photos/videos on your TV/computer are an approximation of what the object looks like in reality. All these colors are derived from the bright light of the sun as stated in SB(10.8.13): "When He appears in different incarnations, He appears in different colors, just like sunshine, which contains seven colors. Sometimes the colors of sunshine are represented separately, otherwise the sunshine is observed mainly as bright light." You cannot get any colors from darkness which is the absence of the sunshine but can get seven main colors from the bright sunshine: "Srila Jiva Gosvwami says that although the sun is the only light, the sunshine which is exhibited in seven colors, and darkness, which is the absence of sunshine, are not different from the sun, for without the existence of the sun such differentiations cannot exist." (SB 8.12.8)

Lord Brahma created our universe after he heard two syllables "tapa" which are 16th (1+6=7) and 21st (7*3) letters of Sanskrit alphabet: "While thus engaged in thinking, in the water, Brahmaji heard twice from nearby two syllables joined together. One of the syllables was taken from the sixteenth and the other from the twenty-first of the sparsa alphabets..." SB(2.9.6).

On the planet earth our important although non-universal and relative standards, we have 9-1-1 emergency number = 7 if you treat the "dash" or "hyphen" as "minus". We are in the 77th year of India's independence from the British. This is just a political achievement as no one is independent from God's laws of birth, death, old age, disease, and karmic reactions until they become self-realized. In video games, there's a bug in the classic Pacman game of Atari 5200 so that the 7th key level onwards gives one ton of time to finish the level after eating the power pellet. Normally, this game would becomes unfair to the player after completing certain "key" levels because pacman slows down relative to the monsters chasing it so its easier for the monsters to catch-up to the pacman.

One important thing to consider in "luck" or "karma" of a living entity or even for an entire group of living entities is the constellation and alignment of the planets at a particular time. Since time is related to the constellation and alignment of the planets, the particular day, month, year, hour, etc. have a role to play in the "luck" or "karma" of someone. This article (version 1.0) along with the "Lord Nrsimha on the Borderline" article above was published on 5/25/2023 and the digits of day and year sum to 7. Just examining the year 2023 by itself, we see that it is factorable to 7*17*17 which has 7s in all its prime factors, is a multiple of 7, and the sum of the digits is 7. The year 1974 is the last time the prime factors of the year had multiple 7s, was a multiple of 7, and the sum of the digits was a multiple of 7: 1974=7*47*3*2 and 1+9+7+4=21 = 7*3. That was 49 years ago which is a perfect square of 7 years ago! If we get stricter and want all prime factors to have a 7 like 2023 (7*17*17) and sum of the digits to be a multiple of 7 and the year to be evenly divisible by 7, then we would have to go back to the year 7 and in the future that will not occur until the year 2401 which is a perfect square of 49 (7*7) or 2401 = (7^2)^2. Speaking of perfect squares of 7, this article is written by Krishna Software whose main phone number which we have had for more than 25 years is 732-549-3097 and the sum is 49 (7*7), the name Krishna has 7 letters spelled in English, and our zip code of 08820 factors to 2*2*3*3*5*7*7, or 2^2*3^2*5*7^2 where it not only contains a perfect square of 7 but the sum of the powers of each unique prime factor sums to 7. These facts have been true decades before we starting researching "lucky 7s". Seven is one of those HARD constants in the structure of the universe for many divine and auspicious things and the appearance of a high concentration of "7"s relates to auspicious, sacred or "good" events. Not enough for you to consider it sacred? If we take the factors of sacred number 108 = 2*2*3*3*3 or 1008 = 3*3*4*4*7 and take any combination of factors with product > 7 and divide it into 2023 the remainder is 7 or recursively sums to 7. Let % denote the remainder of division or modulo. We have 2023%9 = 7, 2023%12=7, 2023%18=7, 2023%36=7, 2023%27=25=7, 2023%54=25=7, and 2023%108=79=16=7. Still not sacred enough for you, then recall from above our recursive equation L(n) built with infinite number of 7s; the integer portion of L(3)=383 and this not only has sum of digits a multiple of 7 but 2023%int(L(3)) = 108. If we take the date 1/8/2023, 10/8/2023 or 10/08/2023, the recursive sum of all digits is 7 regardless of how we mix and match the numbers (backwards or forwards): 10+8+2023 = 2041 = 7; 1+0+8+2+0+2+3 = 16 = 7; 1+8+2023 = 2032 = 7; 10+8+20+23 = 61 = 7; 1008+2023 = 3031 = 7; 108+2023 = 2131 = 7; 3202+8+01 = 3211 = 7; 3202+80+01 = 3283 = 16 = 7; etc. Using modulos, the remainder is 7 or sums to 7: 2023%18 = 7; 2023%108 = 79 = 16 = 7; 2023%1008 = 7. Also, if we sum up the day and month rather than concatenate it, it still yields 7: 2023%(01+08) = 7; 2023%(10+08) = 7; 2023%(10+8) = 7. If we only do recursive modulos rather than recursive sums, we still end up with 7: 2023%(2023%(2023%108))) = 7. We can write the general lucky "7" equation for recursively applying modulos for the year 2023 as follows:

Let n=0 or our counter for how many times we have performed modulo.

Let R(0) = starting value or initial condition (IC); for dates use value like mmdd (mm*100+dd) or mm+dd (month + day).

Let m = 2023%R(n) or the modulo or remainder of dividing R(n) into 2023.

Let b = ceil(m/2023) or the boolean state of whether our modulo is still nonzero (b=1 if m>0, else b=0).

Then our lucky 7 equation using recursive modulos is given by: R(n+1) = (1-b)*R(n)+b*m. This will be referred to as Lovely's Original Remainder Equation (LORE) from here on.

For dates 1/08 or 10/8, we let R(0)=108 and we find that R(1) = 79; R(2) = 48; and R(3+) = 7. For most dates in 2023 setting initial condition in R(0) to either mmdd (which is mm*100+dd or simply concatenating month to day) or mm+dd will produce R(n) converging to 7 as n increases; even for cases like R(0)=1031 where we see that it ends up with R(4)=17, we have a "7" in the answer and we can find other ways to generate more 7s or mixture of 7s and 17s using the same date by setting R(0)=41 (mm+dd) which not only gives us 7 after two iterations but is the sum of the prime factors of 2023 (17*7*17) since 41=17+7+17. The quotient here is (17*7*17)/(17+7+17) = 7*7 + (7+7)/(17+7+17). The individual digit sum of these factors is 23 which is 16+7. These 5 important integers mentioned herein of 7, 16, 17, 23, and 41 are all related and studied in "7-ology" as the great integers less than 100 and the further details of this is given in our article on Vpp: Vpp.

If we split 2023 by inserting a power sign like 2^023 we get 8388608 which sums to 41. Even for initial condition of R(0)=1031, we can generate 7s by doing 7*(mm+dd)*(mm*dd-R(2))= 77,777. We started this article analyzing the year 1897 from an old penny and factored this year to 7*271 and 77,777/(7*271) = 41 and we can add to that modulo math when related to 2023 and we see that 2023%1897 = 126 = 7*18 and 2023%126 = 7. Even the 41 can be written as 7*(7-1)-1 or as already mentioned 41 = 17+7+17. This sandwiched 7 with 17s or symmetric addition of 17s to 7 plays a role in prime numbers like in Euler's equation that generates 40 consecutive prime numbers with equation P(n) = n*n+n+41 as n goes from 0..39. We can go a step further and combine the sacred numbers with "lucky 7" and for auspicious dates like Diwali when people decorate their homes with ghee lamps and other designs and nice-looking sweets and other foods. For this year (y=2023) Diwali falls on 11/12, and we can add to our decorations the symmetric expression (108+mm+dd+108)*7*(1008+mm+7*7*dd+y+mm+1008) = 7,777,777 which is 7 7s summing to a perfect square of 7. So we have analyzed how "7"s show up in basic add/subtract and multiply/divide operations mainly involving the sacred numbers. If we look at some factorials involving the factors of the current year 2023 (7*17*17), we see that 17! = 355,687,428,096,000. When you sum up these digits, it gives us 13+21+14+15+0 = 63 which is 9*7. If we compute 17!/17 = 20,922,789,888,000 and sum these digits we get 2+13+24+24 = 63 = 9*7 (same result). Computing, 7!/7 = 720 and we see that 7 occurs in the dividend, divisor, and quotient and applying LORE with IC of R(0)=720, we find even the remainders converge to 7 at R(5+).

We mentioned how karma or "luck" can be determined by alignments of planets and how they are related to exact time or dates. We analyzed some sacred numbers but to give an example not involving sacred numbers, we can analyze some auspicious event or "good luck" event that occurred last year (2023) in New York in sports:

New York Yankees baseball team pitched a perfect game against the Oakland A's and game finished on 6/29/2023 (in NY time zone); sum of day+month = 35 = 7*5; sum of day+month+year = 6+29+2023 = 2058 = 7*7*7*2*3; here the factors contain a perfect cube of 7. We used NY time zone since this was a "good luck" event for NY fans and NY team; obviously, Oakland did not want it to happen to their team. It's more important to take the ending time and date since many pitchers pitch part of a game perfectly. Total box score is : 11 runs, 11 hits, 0 errors for Yankees and A's 0 runs, 0 hits, and 3 errors and all digits sum to 7. Even if we sum up 11+11+3 = 25, the 25 sums to 7. The winning team: Yankees have 7 letters in their name and even their city New York has 7 letters. Pitcher threw 99 pitches consisting of 72 balls and 27 strikes so two more sevens. Now look at the remainders of dividing these numbers into 2023: 2023%99=43 (sums to 7); 2023%72=7; 2023%27=7. There is also the alignment of numbers: in the date if you sum up individual digits: 06/29/2023 we get 6+2+9+2+0+2+3 = 24 and this was the 24th perfect game in MLB history and 24 years after another Yankees team performed the same feat. Examining the remainder, 2023%24=7. [Note from above that there are 24 lunar fortnights in one lunar year.] This was performed 11 years after the last perfect game and that aligns with 11 runs and 11 hits the winning team had. There are probably other alignments or patterns in the numbers indicating a "good luck" event and the corresponding alignment of the planets/constellations for that time.

Before Lord Krishna appeared on this planet, the planets aligned themselves for auspiciousness as stated in the scriptures: "At the time of Krsna's birth, the planetary systems were automatically adjusted so that everything became auspicious." (Krsna Book, Chapter 3)

It's nice to know how all those lucky "7"s stack up on certain auspicious or "lucky" days and how they relate to planets and constellations. However, they really become useful to forecast or predict future auspicious days. For example, the Vedic marriages and certain religious sacrifices/functions are conducted only on certain auspicious days.