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This newsletter goes to over 1100 people who either have an interest in Vedic science and/or spiritually entertaining multimedia technology. Since all of our newsletters have always been simple text files and this newsletter has some math proofs which require special mathematical symbols, the math proofs and their exact details will be posted separately into a Microsoft Word document KSIMATH.DOC downloadable from our website

(1) Do Not Blame God For Your Problems!
(2) There Are Better Algorithms To Deal With Coronavirus Than Vaccination!
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[The following is a special issue to present the benefits of the Srimad-Bhagavatam as it applies to modern times. The Krsna CDROM and the Srimad-Bhagavatam CDROM from Krishnasoft present this great spiritual masterpiece in multimedia format.]

We observe that people are after happiness and they concoct various plans thinking those plans will help them to achieve this goal. However, what is the point of speculating various plans without understanding the laws of the universe which are delineated in the pages of the Srimad-Bhavatam? If we do not follow the laws of the government like traffic laws we end up in an accident or getting ticketed by the police and paying fines or getting imprisoned. The laws of the government are meant to help the citizens but they seem cruel to those who are not following them or do NOT even know of them. This is just an analogy since God's laws are perfect and do not have to modified or updated time to time like government's laws.

"In material existence, a living being creates his own chain of fruitive work and enjoys the good and bad effects of those actions life after life. But as soon as he engages himself in the loving service of the Lord, he at once becomes free from the chain of karma. His actions no longer create any reaction." (SB 1.2.21)

Here it is clearly mentioned that living being has the independence to do his fruitive work and thus enjoy or suffer the reactions. Love cannot be forced nor can someone be forced to follow rules although they are beneficial for him. So if we are not following the laws, then do not blame God when the miserable reactions start coming:

"Material advancement of civilization means advancement of the reactions of the threefold miseries due to celestial influence, earthly reactions and bodily or mental pains. By the celestial influence of the stars there are many calamities like excessive heat, cold, rains or no rains, and the aftereffects are famine, disease and epidemic. The aggregate result is agony of the body and the mind. Man-made material science cannot do anything to counteract these threefold miseries. They are all punishments from the superior energy of maya under the direction of the Supreme Lord. Therefore our constant touch with the Lord by devotional service can give us relief without our being disturbed in the discharge of our human duties." (SB 1.14.10)

Lord Krishna has set up nature to deal with the various karma of the living entities. Even the athiests if they contemplate the situation in an unbiased way can see there's a superior more intelligent force at work than the modern scientists. Despite the best efforts of the modern scientists and doctors, we see that the Coronavirus spread throughout the world. While they tried to restrict/suppress one variant of the Coronavirus another one turned up. They juggle words like "mutation" as in the theory of evolution but that's just a meaningless term as pointed out in the 2016 newsletter. The virus is following exact laws. The virus does not even have a brain so obviously its being guided by nature's laws. Simultaneously, we see that bats, dogs, etc. were unaffected by the Coronavirus. It's another puzzle for the evolutionists to figure out or flail their way out of-- how such a useful feature as avoiding the Coronavirus or other similar viruses is present in lower inferior species but not in modern humans. In fact, many ancient civilizations of humans survived through these viruses and they are suppose to be "primitive" and less evolved than us.

"If one could achieve success without the sanction of the Lord then no medical practitioner would fail to cure a patient. Despite the most advanced treatment of a suffering patient by the most up-to-date medical practitioner, there is death, and even in the most hopeless case, without medical treatment, a patient is cured astonishingly. Therefore the conclusion is that God's sanction is the immediate cause for all happenings, good or bad. Any successful man should feel grateful to the Lord for all he has achieved." (SB 1.4.9)

In general, despite all the various vaccines and medicines that modern medicine has discovered, there are MORE diseases now than ever before in history. And some of these diseases are caused by side-effects of the medicines themselves. The theory that "we are living longer than ever before" is also just a speculation based on inductive reasoning of the past few hundred years of people living following modern medical science. It does NOT take into account people who follow other methods of survival (eating, sleeping, exercise, healing, etc.) and who probably never show up in the polluted modern cities nor have any medical records. Various ancient scriptures do have historical accounts of people living hundreds and thousands of years. One cannot come to conclusive truth using speculations and inductive logic. Srimad-Bhagavatam is deductive knowledge-- there's no speculations, probabilities, or induction based on limited observation involved:

"The devotee cannot remain in darkness, and because a devotee is enlightened by the Personality of Godhead, his knowledge is certainly perfect. This is not the case for those who speculate on the Absolute Truth by dint of their own limited power of approach. Perfect knowledge is called parampara, or DEDUCTIVE knowledge coming down from the authority to the submissive aural receiver who is bona fide by service and surrender. One cannot challenge the authority of the Supreme and know Him also at the same time. He reserves the right of not being exposed to such a challenging spirit of an insignificant spark of the whole, a spark subjected to the control of illusory energy." (SB 1.2.21)

We can use an example of finding prime numbers which so many mathematicians have spent years researching. A prime number is one that is only divisible by itself and one. Many mathematicians in history have tried to find a pattern (or equation) to find the prime numbers. The mathematician Fermat back in middle of the 1600s thought that F(n)=1+2^2^n would yield all prime numbers for n=0..inf. F(0)=3, F(1)=5, F(2)=17, F(3)=257, F(4)=65537, F(5)=4294967297, etc. Then about a century later a mathematician Euler found the factors for F(5)=641*6700417. They didn't have computers back then so as far as they could compute, it seemed to be true. Or now that calculators are almost everywhere, I can state a different analogy that any numbers in the form of repeating L(n)=012345678901234567890... are NOT prime. L(3)=012 (4*3), L(4)=0123 (41*3), L(5)=01234 (2*617), etc. As far as I can compute, it seems to be true. But regardless of having hundreds of examples of these numbers being NOT prime and wasting years to compute these numbers, I would still be extrapolating to state that all numbers in this sequence are NOT prime. And extrapolation is induction which is inconclusive. A non-math example is a mirage-- some people may say it's water and some may say it's an illusion of water and sometimes there is real water there so you couldn't draw a conclusion based on probability or induction. One would have to trust someone who is standing where the mirage is or find some deductive algorithm to prove it without relying on the illusory visual evidence. A deductive algorithm can be used for example to prove that no 3 consecutive odd numbers are all prime. Also, the reverse of the L(n), L'(n)=98765432109876543210... can be proven deductively to show there are no prime numbers for n going from 1..infinity. Due to the special mathematical symbols and this newsletter being just a text file, I will put all the math proofs of this newsletter into a separate Microsoft Word document file KSIMATH.DOC downloadable from

Going back to the topic, we can give another analogy of why God is NOT to blame for the miseries that inflict the living entities. Intel makes the chips that run most of the computers of the world. However, some people write malicious software (spyware or viruses) or use the computers maliciously to hurt others. So one can argue why did Intel allow this to happen? It's not Intel's fault that some people use their computers for malicious purposes. And preventing certain programs from running restricts the creativity and freedom of the programmer. And there is software to prevent the malicious programs but they are mostly hodge-podge as they also block and wipe out some of the good software. Also, these antivirus and antispyware programs that are running by default on most of the high speed 3Ghz-4Ghz computers make the computer run much slower because they are constantly checking for malicious software. Some applications that require real-time performance do not even work properly. In fact, some games run smoother and better on old Atari/Amiga computers running at a few megahertz than on the latest computers running at a few gigahertz because the older Atari/Amiga software used to take over the system and prevent anything else from running (including malicious software). God's algorithm is superior-- only the living entities with malicious intent or who already performed malicious acts are punished (bad karma):

"In material existence, a living being creates his own chain of fruitive work and enjoys the good and bad effects of those actions life after life. But as soon as he engages himself in the loving service of the Lord, he at once becomes free from the chain of karma. His actions no longer create any reaction." (SB 1.2.21)


(Part 1 of 2)

The algorithm makes all the difference whether something is possible or worth the risk to try. We would not have all those high definition TV channels through satellite, cable, or to a limited extent the internet without a decent algorithm that produces high ratio of data compression. Even the multimedia Bhagavad-gita As It Is CDROM produced by Krishna Software Inc. of 30 hours of audio-visuals would not have been possible back in 1997 without good algorithms of lossless and lossy data compression. Currently, a pandemic has hit the earth with a "super" flu and modern medicine does not even have a cure for the common cold or the normal flu virus so what to speak of the new Coronavirus which is 10-20 times stronger than the flu. We are being given guidelines to stay away from the infected since modern medicine has no way to get rid of it once you are infected. Therefore, modern medicine's way to deal with it is to try to prevent it from taking place in a body by use of vaccines. Various algorithms have been used but they all are based on incomplete knowledge of the body. They experiment on a few thousand people and if it generates antibodies on most of the them (to fight Coronavirus), they get approval from the government. Then afterwards they find out there are side-effects that they never expected and/or it stops working after some time. The vaccine algorithm is meant to prevent a disease so it's not that useful if it causes other diseases or makes the person susceptible to other diseases. It's okay to have some mild temporary side-effects but those side-effects have to be deduced from the original algorithm BEFORE they administer the vaccine. What's the point of preventing Coronavirus for some time if you end up with blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, etc. They are stating these serious side-effects only happen to a very small percentage of people and the "benefits outweigh the risks." This is a generalization using induction as the entire process involves dynamically building up the statistics as new cases come and old cases may not be yet be fully resolved. For any given person getting on line to be vaccinated, they cannot tell him it's safe and beneficial a priori. There's no guarantee that it's safe for any given person since it's actually a gamble. They are not going to tell you up front that you are the one who may get no benefit and suffer serious side-effects and are better off not getting vaccinated. Statistics have already changed since they started vaccinating as more and more breakthrough cases, new side-effects, and "anamolies" come out and the long term effects are still unknown (unlike vaccines made decades ago) nor are all the immediate side-effects known since it's based on induction. They may not have come up on cases where there are other side-effects. When they do run into new side-effects, they will add those to the list like a trial-and-error experiment. You can call it a "science" by keeping all the data and calculating probabilities, but its definitely inferior to a deductive approach. Each body is different and they are in flux as the cells are constantly changing so even the same person may not get the same benefit and/or side-effects from the same anti-Corona vaccine the next time he takes it. It's not a controlled experiment so there's a cloud of uncertainty on every person who gets vaccinated. An analogy may help here:

Let x be body who is to be vaccinated (say in the thousands so 1.100 would be person 1,100)
Let 2*sin(x/(2*PI*PI)) be chemical composition of body x;
Let 3*cos(sqrt(x)) be the chemicals of the vaccine/medicine
The net effect of administering vaccine to body x is: f(x)=2*sin(x/(2*PI*PI))+3*cos(sqrt(x))
If f(x)<-4 or f(x)>4 body x has severe side-effects and when f(x)=-5 or f(x)=5 body x dies

Now if you do not know the equation (f(x)), you can take the statistics and data and after a first few thousand samples you would think there's nothing wrong with the vaccine and get government approval. This is where the inductive method of trial and error completely fails. The worst case analysis was never done because the exact algorithm or equation of how the vaccine interacts with the body is not known. So you go on relying on trial and error until people start getting sick and start listing particular values of f(x) as possible resulting side-effects. Some make the excuse or assume that "it's the best we have" to combat Coronavirus and natural methods do not work. Yet another absurd conclusion based entirely on induction or speculation. I do not have any bias towards natural methods, but to generalize that natural methods do not work is just a speculation. It's like stating nobody has seen God because in my limited sample neither I nor anyone I know has seen God. No one can go through all the natural methods that are possible in a few months or even a few years and that's assuming they know all the natural methods. Regardless of whether one is biased towards natural methods or not, there has to be room to allow for other methods or algorithms to deal with the Coronavirus. Just getting stuck on the vaccine method based on induction is restricting on the freedom and creativity of society and preventing progress. There would be no high definition TV channels if newer and better algorithms were not created/discovered. Logically, a person who stays home or in a self-sufficient community that is isolated from the rest of the world will not be getting the Coronavirus so no need to barge into his home or community and demand they get vaccinated. Even if you rely on vaccination method, one could improve the algorithm by making it into a deductive one and optimizing its application after doing a worst case analysis. Even before vaccination started, 99% of the people getting Coronavirus were recovering. Most of these people were not hospitalized but even those that were recovered because the body healed itself. Then it follows deductively that the AVERAGE person has the immunity to fight the Coronavirus. So a good algorithm against Coronavirus would involve researching and finding out why the other 1% got severly sick and died and preventing that from taking place. Instead, they want to vaccinate everyone-- highly inefficient and putting many more healthy people at risk of side-effects and developing other diseases (not even debating polluting the planet).

Even if you brush aside the minor side-effects, vaccination is no guarantee that a person is protected from the Coronavirus. There is no need to be demanding vaccination as if it's "the only way" or "best way"; that's fanaticism not science. Just because your current probabilities show better protection against infection to Coronavirus when compared to reckless people who do not follow any method of protection DOES NOT PROVE vaccination is the best way or only way. However, after vaccination, it will put a healthy person's health in doubt whether some serious disease due to side effects will pop up immediately or in the future or may have already started but has not been traced to the vaccine. So even if there is an increase in the percentage of people protected from the Coronavirus, it's not that useful if the net health of the community is lower. Lacking an exact measure of the health of the sample and the fact that 99% of the people do not even need the vaccine but are just risking getting side-effects, how can they conclude that it's beneficial or "benefits outweigh the risks"? If someone is interested in stopping the Coronavirus from damaging the body, then what difference does it make whether that protection is achieved by keeping Coronavirus from entering the body, flushing it out of the body, or preventing infection by generating antibodies. Also, what difference does it make which algorithm is used to achieve any of these, as long as the protection is achieved. Even without getting into better algorithms, given new side-effects that have popped up AFTER vaccination started and uncertainty about long-term side-effects, it follows logically in a worst case analysis that a certain section of the population SHOULD NOT BE VACCINATED to guarantee that human civilization is saved. It's hypocracy to call their method "science" and assume or advertise it as the "ONLY WAY" while shoving better algoirthms based on exact deductive solutions under the rug. If you do need to test a person for protection, testing for whether a person is generating antibodies is a BETTER MEASURE of protection than vaccination status! In fact, there are cases where a vaccinated person has NO antibodies or have weak concentration of them (and may even be preventing the natural generation of the antibodies) and thus be more prone to Coronavirus than an unvaccinated person who has generated antibodies autmatically (naturally) or by some other means. We didn't even write this article earlier because they were initially advertising the vaccine was for "emergency use only" but now we see that they are blindly vaccinating anyone and everyone including healthy children and active athletes who have no need for it (according to their own statistics of recovery rate prior to vaccination). Now they are trying to recommend and even FORCE "booster" shots on some. What a misleading term "booster"! Even the initial vaccination shot DOES NOT boost your immunity; all it does is TRY to prevent you from being infected by the Coronavirus by forcing the immunity system to generate the anti-bodies in advance rather than when and if they are needed. If your immunity system cannot generate anti-bodies, a million doses of the vaccine is NOT going to help. It's like trying to buy a plane ticket many months in advance; if you can't afford it, it does NOT matter if you ask for it many months in advance or when you actually need to take a flight. And the more shots you take, the higher the probability of side-effects. That's like playing the lottery-- the more entries you have for the same lottery, the better the chances of winning and here "win" means getting serious side-effects. You do not get something for nothing so some of the side-effects are due to diverting the immunity system to generate anti-bodies for the Coronavirus; you have to pray and hope you did not disrupt your body from doing something critical. We heard of some people temporarily losing their voice or getting paralysis of the facial muscles after vaccination.

There's already one simple algorithm independent of vaccination that is and was being used to help people recover from Coronavirus, flu, and common cold and that involved quarantining them and basicly DOING NOTHING. This is also supported by Vedic scriptures:

"om purnam adah purnam idam
purnat purnam udacyate
purnasya purnam adaya
purnam evavasisyate

"The Personality of Godhead is perfect and complete, and because He is completely perfect, all emanations from Him, such as this phenomenal world, are perfectly equipped as complete wholes. Whatever is produced of the complete whole is also complete in itself. Because He is the complete whole, even though so many complete units emanate from Him, He remains the complete balance." (SB 6.19.4)

Naturally occurring diseases like fever, flu, etc. are curable naturally as God's nature and the bodies are complete and PERFECTLY EQUIPPED. The body will heal itself without requiring anything besides things that are provided simply and naturally by God in nature and/or within the body. So man-made processed foods, polluted air, polluted water, synthetic clothes, "noises" (polluted music), toxic fumes, etc. could hinder or interfere with the healing. Anything if its IMPERFECTLY composed and incompatible with the body could hinder the healing. Coronavirus itself is being stated to be a "new" virus that's an unnatural by-product of modern civilization. Still, 99% have recovered without vaccination or medication. So there is no need to fool the cells with manufactured codes or other micro-level adustments inside the body as the side-effects of these can produce severe and chronic diseases like thrombosis, paralysis, lymphocytosis, leukemia, etc. that are harder to cure naturally because of meddling by concocted imperfect methods based on induction and trial and error. If someone screws up writing "low-level ring 0" software, the operating system cannot always bail him out. There may be a way to accelerate the healing process, but if it's a "lossy" algorithm (causes other harm), it may not be worth the risk. That harm or risk has to be deduced from the algorithm a priori by doing a worst case analysis or solving the equation(s) derived from the algoirthm. Regardless, even when modern medicine attempts to cure these diseases or experiment with them, they still rely on the body to heal itself or do the "clean-up" for them to bring things back to normal. If things cannot be restored to normal, you end up with side-effects and the body will try to build immunity against the culprit. Just like if you have a misbehaved program running in a "theoretically perfect" operating system (OS), it will eventually get shut-down by the OS especially if it causes glitches in various aspects of the system (storage device, graphics, audio, etc.) and OS may block it completely.

As a corollary from this verse, PERFECTLY EQUIPPED implies that not only the body of living entities will try to get rid of the imperfections introduced into it and/or generate "side-effects" signaling something is wrong, but also nature itself will do the same. For example, when people visit the beach and dump things on the sand or in the water, nature tries to do the "clean-up" and bring things back to normal or "equilibrium". Any interference by imperfectly composed products dumped in nature that cannot be brought back to the normal state will produce "side-effects" in nature such as ozone depletion, acid rain, etc.

People sometimes just dismiss any scriptural reference as "myth" or "made up" or "blind following" or "not science." That may be true for cults that concoct their own "scripture" but REAL scripture is one coming from God Himself. Laws of God are absolute. They are always being enforced everywhere from planetary motion down to the very fabric of the universe (atoms, ions, etc.). Living entities attempt to change things for good or bad due to their independence and nature tries to bring everything back to normal. Everything in the universe INEXORABLY follows the laws of God. As explained in our first article above, real scripture is DEDUCTIVE knowledge. Just because someone can't find the reasoning based on his limited experience, does not make them false. Whether someone believes them or not, the laws of God will still act. Whether I believe in gravity or not, it still acts on all things. If someone can show deductively that some statement is incorrect in the "scripture", then that so-called "scripture" cannot be coming from God. The second part of the above verse (purnasya purnam adaya, purnam evavasisyate) states that whether limited or unlimited, the expansions that emanate from Him (like nature, various species, other avatars, incarnations, etc.) do not reduce Him in anyway. Some people speculate that this fragments the Supreme Lord into pieces or He is no longer around, but that is not the case as it states: "He remains the complete balance." A similar thing occurs in infinite number sets in mathematics that can be proven deductively:

Let V be set of all natural numbers in domain of natural numbers: (0,1,2,3,4,5,6..infinity)
Let E be set of all even numbers greater than or equal to 108: (108,110,112,114,...infinity)
We can prove that V-E = V (an infinite set emanating from V gives the same V back):

Step 1: subtracting a limited set of numbers say L=(i,i+1,i+2,i+3,...j) from V still yields V. We just subtract j from V so V-j = (0-j, 1-j, 2-j, 3-j, ... j-j, j+1-j, j+2-j, ... infnity-j). Since we are in domain of natural numbers and there are no negative numbers we are left with the original V (unaltered). Infinity minus j is infinity since infinity is a never-ending number. Essentially, subtracting any limited set of numbers of size j-i+1 will yield the same V.

Step 2: if we divide V by some finite number k, we get V = (0/k, 1/k, 2/k, 3/k, 4/k, ... infinity/k). However, since we are in domain of natural numbers and there are no fractions or numbers with decimal points, we are once again left with the original V (unaltered). Infinity divided by any constant k is infinity since division is nothing but subtraction of the same constant k multiple times. We already proved in step 1 that subtracting any constant from infinity gives infinity. We can repeat this "Step 1" as many times as we want as infinity is inexhaustible. In all the divisions, we toss out any left-over (remainder) since we are in the domain of natural numbers and all divisions will be integerized (for example 33/8 = 33-8-8-8-8 = 4 w/remainder 1).

Now given the above two steps, we can prove that V-E = V. We simply subtract E from V and then do V-108 (step 1) followed by V/2 (step 2) and this yields the original V (unaltered). Thus an infinite expansion E from V, still leaves us with the complete balance V. You can repeatedly do this for other infinite sets and still be left with the complete balance V. Obviously, a finite expansion from V like say some living entity L=(2,3,5,7) will leave V unaltered as that's just step 1 (doing V-7). See KSIMath.DOC for more proofs related to infinity.

It's better to take the laws of God and His nature into account as that can help to find a better cure for a disease. Even if the experimental method is used rather than a deductive approach, it's better to use nature first as it is ALREADY trying to help you by trying to restore things to normal and trying various natural things meant for the normal human's consumption cannot give you severe side-effects. A personal observation on getting rid of the flu and common cold naturally was made back in the 1980s and given in the file LAVA.TXT (Lovely's Anti-Virus Algorithm) downloadable/viewable from our website ( This started off as an experimental approach but with some additional research and math, this approach can be enhanced and generalized into a deductive algorithm so it not only works for the common cold and flu viral infections but also for all variants of the Coronavirus (past and future) or other similar viruses. It's better than being fanatically and blindly stuck on an imperfect algorithm of vaccination. Some important people of the world are being turned into "garbage" once they catch the Coronavirus. We see that people are forbidden to visit their own family members who are heavily infected and the patients are just waiting to die or hope their body recovers on its own. We see on TV, people being dumped into a truck like garbage because they died after being infected with Coronavirus. Modern medicine cannot even cure the common cold what to speak of the Coronavirus. Their only "cure" essentially is to play keep away from the infected until they get better on their own. They make it look like that is the "best" approach and there is no hope for people who are heavily infected. It's all because their research is narrow-mindedly stuck to finding cures/treatments using their "vaccine" method or "pills" and there's no room for creativity or freedom to explore other types of algorithms. They are preventing progress in their own field by suppressing other better potential algorithms and making people BLINDLY accept they are done for if they cannot cure them with their experiments.

So many "stars" of this world have died due to Coronavirus or other complications compounded with Coronavirus. People just ASSUME blindly that there was no better solution than what the modern doctors told them and did to them. For example, one of the "stars" Lata Mangeshkar was put on a ventilator due to Coronavirus and most people do not survive the ventilator. It's such a bad combination -- a virus that attacks the lungs and they are putting them on a ventilator that also gradually weakens/destroys the lungs. She already had pneumonia yet another reason to avoid the ventilator. She got Coronavirus although she was vaccinated (no big deal as that has become more and more common now). Prior to being vaccinated, the doctors gave their OPINIONS to her that vaccine was safe and that it would protect her from Coronavirus. If they were truthful and following their own Hippocratic Oath, they would have told her it may not protect her and it may generate side-effects and may diminish her immunity overall against other diseases (if not cause them). Then she would have opted out especially if other better/alternative algorithms were an option and presented to her. She may already have had antibodies against the Coronavirus. We do not see people getting tested for antibodies before getting vaccinated and the consequences of those with antibodies taking vaccine are unresearched. Atleast she definitely would have been more protective of herself so she would not catch Coronavirus if she were not vaccinated rather than ASSUME along with her doctors with a false sense of security that the vaccine was protecting her although she may not have had any protection to begin with or had that protection expire after a few months or even inhibited. But they praised the doctors for trying their best. Hello, world? A person who is suffering from pneumonia should not be put on a ventilator as the ventilator itself is cause of VAP (ventilator-associated pneumonia). So they are killing her by pneumonia hoping her Coronavirus gets healed by the body! Just because you have a sophisticated machine does not make the medical science advanced or better than other simpler algorithms. They cannot state they did their best until you analyze all the possibilities. If a person dies, you cannot even try all the possibilities on that a person. So it's better to first try things that won't kill her in the worst case. Currently, the worst case analysis of vaccination produces results just as bad as an untreated Coronavirus disease. So one possibility for her may be to let her not be vaccinated and let her be protecting herself from Coronavirus through other guaranteed means (assuming she already did not have antibodies) and when and if other diseases like pneumonia come the immunity system has only to deal with pneumonia instead of fighting the ventilator, pneumonia, Coronavirus, and other drugs. They cannot state definitively that the vaccine and other drugs did not play a role in her other diseases. If only result in going to hospital is to die by either pneumonia or Coronavirus, then it's better not go to the hospital and try some other method but the doctors would not let her do that. Even doing NOTHING may have improved her health even without trying other methods (medical or non-medical). How did they eliminate that possibility? After all, even all the patients admitted to the hospital for Coronavirus eventually have to heal themselves or become "garbage". All they can do is play with "probabilities" but even the probability of survival on a ventilator is low for Coronavirus patients what to speak of ones with additional pulmmonary disorders. Even if probability was high, it's still guesswork as to whether their application of antibiotics and ventilator actually did more harm than good in her case. They can state some precedence in history of some who showed "improvement" but that's just comparing apples and oranges; a better precedence to use is "one man's food is another man's poison."

Some people play more important roles in the world than others so even probabilities have to be weighted accordingly if they cannot figure things out exactly on a person to person basis. A king was protected even at the sacrifice of millions of pawns. Even without considering this, the probabilities they come up with that the vaccinated are better protected are NOT the result of a controlled experiment. Some group from a party could have had ice-cream and ended up with more severe cases of Coronavirus regardless of vaccination status. Just like they are blindly stuck on the "vaccine" or "pill" method, they are stuck on an inferior "lossy" algorithm of putting people on the ventilator and hope it helps them rather than kills them. It's surprising to find the government also blindly following the pro-vaccine doctors/companies and going all out on promoting the new vaccines as the way to go for "everyone" rather than restricting them for emergency/experimental use until they conduct an independent research on them and alternatives. On one hand you have the government warning people in various cities and towns not to drink tap water and to use alternate forms of water due to Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOAS) and other toxic substances found in water and on the other hand they are encouraging people to be injected with new vaccines/boosters that intentionally put toxic substances in your body to try to combat Coronavirus. In some places they have found contamination in water due to polyfluoroalkyl subtances (PFAs) from man-made greaseproof, stain-resistant, and/or water-resistant products to be 30 ppt (part pers TRILLION) which is considered very high and has been linked to diseases like kidney cancer, infertility, ulcerative colitis, reduction of antibodies, etc. These are "forever" chemicals that will not go away with boiling the water. Following their logic of vaccine promotion, they could easily promote the contaminated water as safe and state the same thing "benefits outweigh the risks" rather than tell people to find an alternative source of water.

(end of part 1 of 2)


>when numbers have no corelationship they are random.

Let's take a few numbers as an example:

159, 897, 846, 832, 884, 939, etc.

Some ordinary layman can speculate that they are "random" (have no relationship), another one may do some research and compute that they follow some trend given by linear equation but has some "random noise":

f(x) = 109.9143x + 484.7143 (for x=0, 1, 2, etc.)

Someone who knows the exact cause of how those numbers got there analyzes the numbers fully and comes up with an exact equation of the numbers (see KSIMath.doc). Not only can one come up with an exact equation of the numbers but also PREDICT the future values, any history of these numbers, the maximum, the minimum, etc. Modern mathematics currently does not have an equation (or good fast algorithm) to find if a number is prime or given a number to check whether the next number is prime without iterating through odd numbers by trial and error divisions. They do not see any pattern but that does not mean these numbers occur at "random" intervals or are unpredictable. We see that sometimes prime numbers occur in clusters of 4 of 5 consecutive odd numbers are prime (11,13,17,19; 101,103,107,109; 191,193,197,199; 821,823,827,829; 1481,1483,1487,1489; 1871,1873,1877,1879; 2081,2083,2087,2089) and then no cluster occurs for more than 1000 numbers (3251,3253,3257,3259) and then improbably (and unexpectedly) the next cluster is only 200 numbers away (3461,3463,3467,3469). See KSIMath.doc where we explore an exact quick way to determine if next (future) number is prime. By quick way we mean the run time of the algoirthm has to be O(1) or some constant time to avoid having to go through O(sqrt(n)) where n is the number whose primality is to be determined. An example where the run time of an algorithm is O(1), take finding the next perfect square given 7th perfect square is 49 then the next perfect square is predicted/calculated to be at (2n+1) away or 15 (2*7+1) away from 49 (49+15=64) so 50..63 are not perfect squares. Or if we don't know which perfect square we have, we can predict the next one by subtracting the previous two perfect squares and adding two. So 49+(49-36)+2=64; 64+(64-49)+2=81; and so on. Just because someone has not found a similar equation/algorithm for primes does not mean it's random or has no relationship (no correlation). Not only in mathematics but also in the real world, prediction of future by living entities, constellations, and other elements of the universe proves there's no randomness:

"Astronomical calculations of stellar influences upon a living being are not suppositions, but are factual, as confirmed in Srimad-Bhagavatam. Every living being is controlled by the laws of nature at every minute, just as a citizen is controlled by the influence of the state. The state laws are grossly observed, but the laws of material nature, being subtle to our gross understanding, cannot be experienced grossly. As stated in the Bhagavad-gita (3.9), every action of life produces another reaction, which is binding upon us, and ONLY THOSE WHO ARE ACTING ON BEHALF OF YAJNA (VISNU) ARE NOT BOUND BY REACTIONS. Our actions are judged by the higher authorities, the agents of the Lord, and thus we are awarded bodies according to our activities. The law of nature is so subtle that every part of our body is influenced by the respective stars, and a living being obtains his working body to fulfill his terms of imprisonment by the manipulation of such astronomical influence." (Bhag. 1.12.12)

Certain birds, fish, reptiles, etc. can sense earthquakes before they are going to take place. Elephants can sense storms miles and miles away (predict the weather). Certain prophets have predicted the future in their ancient scriptures. Even the common man has some ability to sense future danger before it happens:

"Material existence is full of undesirables. Things we do not want are forced upon us by some superior energy, and we do not see that these undesirables are under the grip of the three modes of material nature. When a man's eyes, arms and thighs all quiver constantly, one must know that something is going to happen which is undesirable." (SB 1.14.11)

By using words like randomness and chance, many modern scientists are introducing uncertainty into things that are exactly determinable. Scriptures are very clear that things can be known free from doubt:

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: Now hear, O son of Prtha, how by practicing yoga in full consciousness of Me, with mind attached to Me, you can know Me in full, free from doubt." (BG 7.1)

"By practice of Krsna consciousness yoga, one can know everything in full-- namely the Absolute Truth, the living entities, the material nature, and their manifestations with paraphernalia." (BG 7.1)

The modern scientists propose the opposite that nothing can be known for certain because they do not know for certain. If nothing was certain, then they cannot make the absolute claim that nothing can be known for certain. It follows that things can be known for certain. Exactness is built into the very fabric of this universe whether its mathematics, planetary motion, inert matter, living entities, or karma. Some people feel the tingling sensation or pain at the injection site when they are about to take another injection. If I feel pain at the injection site BEFORE i take the vaccine, I know NOT to take the vaccine. If you eat the same food like bread all the time, you feel like vomiting the next time you see bread; that means the body is giving you heads-up to avoid it.


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