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To order any of Krishnasoft's CDROMs via our secure-server, CLICK HERE.

Alternately or if our secure server is down, you can paypal order of CDROM(s) to info@krishnasoft.com. Paypal IDs are krishna@krishnasoft.com or info@krishnasoft.com; both are valid or use the express SECURE buy-it-now button below to place order via paypal for the 3 main CDROMs. Standard shipping is fixed at $4 for USA and $7 for outside USA for single item; otherwise it depends on what type of tracking, your location, insurance, and number of items ordered. For ordering books, call us at 732-549-3097 for availability check or email us via krishna@krishnasoft.com or krishna@krishnasoft.org for more information. Due to heavy spamming of our main phone and emails, your message may never come to us or your phone call may get blocked or reported as spam. If you are having problems getting through to us via our regular phone #/email addresses and you need to urgently contact us, use the secure and spam-free Private Call/Email paypal button below. It's a quarter ($0.25) to $1.08 depending on location. This was done to avoid auto-robots from spamming us. We will provide you with secure phone # that is spam-free and/or private email address to use that is not filtered for spam so you'll get personal replies -- no answering machines/auto-replies/etc.! You will be refunded after the private phone call or email conversation is over.

Multimedia Gita CD
Multimedia Bhagavatam CD
Multimedia Krsna Book CDROM
Private Call/Email (spam-free)

For our mail order form, click here.

For evaluation/demo copies or technical questions, try the FAQ section. If that does not help, email us at: <Info-Sales> .

*In placing orders with Krishna Software Inc., if we ask you to choose from a list of payment methods, that means we distinguish between payment methods; i.e., we do not believe they are all one. By default, if we do not already give you the formula for the shipping&handling charge, you should expect the price for the shipping and handling to be given to you after you choose your products. For paypal orders, shipping is shown so you pay exactly what the paypal form asks and shows.

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